NAMINO is the new range of electronic boards that integrates a large number of configurable interfaces and power supply modes (even 100Vac÷250Vac!!!) to simplify and speed up any electronic project.

NAMINO electronic boards have performance and reliability typical of the industrial world but with makers use methods.

Something about Namino:

  •  Programming takes place using the ecosystem of Arduino/ESP32 tools. See Software section.
  • Each board has a connector compatible with the Arduino Uno shields
  • Extremely compact form-factor : it can be inserted in a common 503 flush-mounting box 3 modules for home automation
  • The widest range of possible power supplies: from 5Vdc÷30Vdc and from 100Vac÷250Vac.


Namino can be used in the most challenging application.

Namino simplifies wiring by 83% and eliminates the annoying "tangles" of wires typical of early applications or prototypes.

Sensors and devices belonging to both the industrial and amateur world can be easily used for the development of new ideas.

 Namino boards have been designed and built directly by Mect Srl: an Italian manufacturer of PLC and products for industrial automation with over 40 years of history.